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Communion is a central part of our life together at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Red Deer, and is celebrated weekly at our Sunday services.  


"At the heart of the Liturgy are two principal parts which hold everything together: the Word and the Lord's Supper.  They stand like two  snow-capped mountain peaks giving perspective to everything else.   This ancient duo has guided Christian worship since the time of the apostles.  While this structure allows variable parts, the simple twofold skeleton consistently gives the liturgy its basic shape.


The Lord's Supper (the Eucharist or Holy Communion), the second central part of the liturgy's structure, includes the Offering, the Great Thanksgiving, Communion, and a Post-Communion song and prayer.  In the simple food of bread and wine used in the Lord's Supper, our Lord Jesus has promised to be truly present.  To all who trust him are given the benefits of forgiveness, life, and salvation.  Again, it is God who is at work for us and among us."


From the leaflet Introduction to Lutheran Worship

Mons Teig, Augsburg Publishing House

adapted by Rev. Breck McHan

(Grace Lutheran, Wetaskiwin)

used with permission, Nov. 3, 1998

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