Apple Sales
When the summer starts to wind down, don’t forget to plan on your APPLE
ORDER! Once again we will be partnering with Davison Orchards in
the Okanagan. There are four different boxes to choose from:
1. Davison Honeycrisp: $40/box 2. Gala: $30/box
3. Okanagan Blend: $32/box 4. Bartlett Pears: $40/box
All boxes average 15lb. Orders must be in by September 2, 2021
and pickup is scheduled for September 12, 2021 from 4-7pm.
Order forms are available in the rack by the church office. Please see
Teri Craven for more info. This fund raiser is being picked up by the
Good Shepherd Lutheran Ladies.
Monies can be e-transferred to the office with the question:
What is our fund raiser? and the password can be “applesales”
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