Good Shepherd Lutheran Women



All of the women of our congregation over the age of 18 are
considered members of the women’s small group of our church
We meet the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the church.  
We are a group of Women united to:
*Pray for and support each other
* Proclaim the Gospel
* Provide Leadership opportunities
* Deepen our faith
* Grow spiritually
* Work towards peace
* Support missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada  (ELCIC)
* Outreach
* Nourish family
*Study together on the first Wednesday of the month at the church at 6:30. 
*Participate in community outreach and support national outreach projects
*Enjoy social events for fellowship and fun such as our Christmas celebration
and our Prayer Sister program.
*Prepare and serve luncheons for funerals and conferences